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New Orleans!

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Well, better late than never… since it’s almost been two weeks since we’ve been there! New Orleans was wonderful… We did not love Bourbon Street and quickly exited it after about 5 minutes but all of the music and liveliness was incredible! We checked in at the French Quarter Suites which was really reasonably priced! The rooms were really neat, remodeled servants’ quarters with brick floors and high ceilings. We were in walking distance to everything so we wandered around for a while, went down to the river, listened to some jazz in the square and began to hunt around for some tasty dinner.

We had heard from the lady at the hotel that Frenchman Street was a little calmer and had great food so we headed that direction. We settled at Praline Connection which was seriously some of the best soul food I have ever eaten. O my goodness- fried chicken, collard greens, mac-n-cheese, cornbread yum yum yum. Michael got the fried seafood platter which he said was really great! Their hot sauce was really great too, we should have gotten a bottle…

After dinner we headed to the Spotted Cat where we had heard some really great jazz music as we walked past earlier. There was a band called the Orleans 5 (I’m pretty sure that was their name, I can’t find anything about them online) they were SO good! There were people swing dancing, the music was so much fun- it was wonderful.

Then the rain came. And it poured. We had to have Cafe du Monde though to get some beignets and cafe au lait- so good! We ran through the rain which ended up being really fun until we found a little store that sold umbrellas and headed to get some incredibly great dessert.

That ended our night, we rolled our stuffed selves back to the hotel to sleep and get ready to head towards home! What a wonderful trip! Whatever anybody says- road trips are awesome. We saw so many places, ate so much incredible food, and read some really great books along the way!


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