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Austin, TX

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Mmmm Austin. Austin was pretty great. We got there late after a 13 hour drive from Tucson, ate what tasted like the best slice of pizza ever at a place called Home Slice and hit the sack. We stayed at a really great little hotel called the Austin Motel. It was the first locally owned motel I’ve ever stayed at and it was great! All the rooms were a little different, we stayed in two different rooms because we reserved them really late, here are a couple pics of our first:

We stayed mostly on South Congress where there is a lot of local music every night, fun shops, and lots of good food. The next morning we headed to Jo’s Coffee shop which was right next to our hotel. It had a walk up bar, good coffee, baked goods and breakfast tacos. It was a really nice laid back- outdoor atmosphere. I got granola and yogurt and Michael got a toast-your-own bagel (they had a toaster and other goodies on the side of the building).

Next we hit up a bunch of fun shops. They have really great antique/vintage stores in Austin and they’re all pretty organized which is impressive! Our favorite was Uncommon Objects. Some of the stuff was pretty pricey so we didn’t make any purchases but they had some really great items!

For lunch we headed to Hopdoddy. Dear goodness, it was good. All the ingredients they use are fresh and their burgers are incredible right down to the homemade bun!

We started with a Nutella Pretzel milkshake which was nothing short of amazing:

Then dug into some delicious fries and burgers! Mine was The Goodnight- minus the sassy sauce (includes mayo-ick.) It was full of the spicest jalepenos, bbq sauce, caramalized onions, and delicious cheese.

Michael had El Diablo- jalepenos, serranos, salsa, and other goodies:

Later that day we headed to an awesome movie theatre, The Alamo Drafthouse where we saw Beasts of the Southern Wild- awesome, awesome movie, go see it!

Hmmm other cool things about Austin… we passed this great ice cream place a hundred times but didn’t stop at it. There was usually a line (except when I took this picture I guess…) so it must be good, and their was an astronaut cow, another sign it must be good…

O right! And how could I forget! Their is a couple strips of food trucks that looked pretty incredible. The one I really wanted was Coat and Thai and the menu looked great but it was closed so I revolted and didn’t eat at any of them.

I think that’s about all for what we experienced in Austin! I’ll give all our fun details for New Orleans soon!


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