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Phoenix & Tucson

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Playing a little catch up! Back to some yummy food!

Whenever you decide to go on a big ol road trip- be prepared that Sundays will be your most trying times with whoever your with… Most things are closed, you can’t make up your mind where to stay, you drive around a town for an hour just to decide to leave, all the while trying not to yell at your travelling companion for not making any decisions because secretly you don’t want to make any either. Or not secretly, depending on how vocal you are, or maybe that’s just Michael and I…

We stopped in Phoenix, I’m sorry everyone who gave us suggestions, we didn’t do any of them, it was still rainy as we went through Sedona and then it was 1000 degrees when it stopped. (We truly value your suggestions though and hope to do a lot more when we got back!) We read a one liner in a tourist magazine about Roosevelt Row and our way there. The street was really artsy and unique with a lot of great graffiti.

There was a little bit of a dank looking establishment called Carly’s that we passed. After driving around for a little bit we decided to head back to try it for lunch. We went in and it was awesome. There was a great saxophone player and the menu was really promising. I got an Arnold Palmer, Greek salad, and pear, prosciutto, brie, and balsamic Panini on focaccia. It was SO good!!! We have been so lucky with finding great food on this trip! We’re definitely making this when we get home!

Michael had a Gyro and said it was delicious- I didn’t try it- I was too focused on mine!

There was a high school jazz band and a couple of older guys, probably teachers, setting up to play with the saxophone player as we left, I wish we had stayed a little while to hear them all play together.

We walked down to a great art gallery/vintage/boutique store called Green Haus. They had some really interesting art and Michael and I found some great vintage finds!

After sitting at a Starbucks trying to find something to do that evening in Phoenix we decided to head to Tucson. We hit some of the craziest weather I’ve ever driven through. We pulled off, with just about everyone else about 5 miles outside of downtown because it was raining so hard. The lightening was intense and it started hailing- something I’ve never experienced in a car or maybe anywhere before. And- when they put out a flash flood alert in Tucson, they mean it. After the rain died down we had to detour around to get back on I 10 because a few of the onramps were closed due to flooding. Once we got to Tucson we drove around for like an hour- it was Sunday still- tried to find good authentic Thai food but it was all closed- and finally gave up and headed to PF Changs, ate good food, went to a hotel and called it a day. We did get this great and totally appropriate little fortune from our fortune cookie:

We decided to head to Austin today (currently on hour 11 of our 13 hour drive there…) so we got up early and got some delicious breakfast on 4th Avenue in Tucson at a place called the B Line. The place and that whole area- was really cute. They had delicious looking baked goods. We got our breakfast to go, I had an incredible egg and cheese sandwich on one of the best everything bagels I’ve ever had. It was ridiculously huge! (these pictures were taken on the go… sorry)

Michael had a egg, cheese, and Canadian bacon English muffin with chipotle sauce that he said was really good! 4th avenue will definitely be a place to explore if we go back to Tucson.

Now on to Austin!


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