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Nashville Part 2- Little Rock, AR- Okemah, Ok- Amarillo, TX

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So, I had left the camera and the car and didn’t tell about all the greatness of Nashville in the morning! We went to a place that we found, I’ll admit, in a Southern Living magazine called the Frothy Monkey. It was excellent, here it is:

It was a little pricey for breakfast but it was so delicious it was worth it. Michael got a bagel sandwich and I got the Architect (go big or go home!). It’s an omelet that you choose one meat and two veggies for: bacon, spinach, and tomato. I didn’t even notice that there was no cheese until I was halfway done with it, it was that good. The fruit bowl was delicious considering your always taking a risk when you order a fruit bowl…

The coffee was also great and we took it with us to the Anchor Fellowship in downtown Nashville which is a church in a really old church building full of young people. It was really great, 95 degrees, no lights on (that would have made it hotter, besides, there was plenty of light from the windows) and super incredible worship.

Next we were on to Little Rock- it was a Sunday evening so there wasn’t a lot going on in River Market and we decided to walk from our hotel on River Market and 4th to Vino’s (thanks for the suggestion Lacy and Cole!!). It was a nice walk but the area of town was a little interesting to walk through…It was a grungy delicious pizza place. It was pretty cheap and we sat on the patio and listened a pretty good band practice in the apartment above the restaurant. I never found out who they were! I totally forgot the camera so I have no pictures… I’m sorry.

We walked back and sat by the river which was really peaceful and nice!

Next we headed to Amarillo. We took a gas and lunch stop in Okemah (a.k.a middle of nowhere) with a sign proudly exclaiming Woody Guthrie was from there. All towns in Oklahoma that country stars grew up in make sure you know it- we passed by a Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks sign too! We decided to drive down a little stretch off the highway to see what there was to eat and found the old town strip- it was really quaint and cute:

As we were turning around defeated to go back to Sonic we saw the Hen House, a little place open only for lunch from11am-2pm, it was perfect! The little house was rustic and full of antiques, include a really awesome old stove on the porch:

Michael got a ranch chicken club sandwich and I got a bowl of tortilla soup with a southwestern chicken salad. It was pretty good! The soup was creamy and I kept thinking about how great it would have been to add some onions, chopped poblanos, corn, black beans, and fresh avocado… something to try when we get home! Lunch was cheap and satisfying!

When we finally made it to Amarillo (our longest drive so far that wasn’t really that long- 81/2 hours) we thought about skipping it and moving on after we cruised through a really quiet downtown. We settled at a Starbucks for some wifi and found that there was a minor league baseball game going on in a hour- minds changed!! We checked into a not so great hotel with a stopped up tub, a bathroom door that wouldn’t close and a faint hint of cigarette smoke, freshened up, if you could call it that, and headed to the ballpark! It was so much fun!

We got some chicken tenders to tide us over and during the 6th inning around 9pm decided to find some  good Tex Mex- and we did! We found Taco Garcias right by our hotel and it was really really great. The chips come out with three different salsas, mild, hot, and super hot. Michael got a chile rellenos, a chicken flauta, and one of those tostado things with cheese, refried beans and guacamole. He said it was super good!

I got the New Mexican chicken enchaladas in a blue corn tortilla with a really great salsa verde. SO good! It came with charros (pinto beans- I couldn’t figure out the difference), rice, and a little salad. We thought about dessert and decided against it. Another cheap and delicious meal!

Sorry for all the the cities at once, got a little behind! On our way now through the beautiful expanses of New Mexico, all new terrain to us! Food from Albequerque to come!


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