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Nashville, TN

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Nashville, Nashville… It’s a crazy place. We escaped the crowded streets for an absolutely incredible dinner at Merchants restaurant on Broadway! Nashville can be overwhelming to someone who is used to a downtown that is only open from9am-5pm Monday through Friday (a.k.a Jacksonville…) and a little break in Merchants was just perfect! Prior, we walked past an awesome street band that consisted of a guitar, banjo, and the spoons- it was great!

When you walk into Merchants you feel like in you’re in a different city, the restaurant is super classy every server and bartender equipped with suspenders and a bow tie not to mention some tattoos and a haircut to envy… ok so maybe I’m talking it up some but the food was absolutely fantastic, a little pricey, but really really good!!

We started with a little bowl of popcorn they give you at the bar and a house salad with a delicious lemon garlic vinaigrette… yum!!

We also had some of the BEST fried green tomatoes we’ve ever had!! They were served with a spicy-tomatoey-pepper jam and homemade pimento cheese- two things I normally don’t like but were absolutely delicious!

I had the blackened tilapia with roasted corn, sweet potato hash, and chipolte aioli , it was perfect.

Michael had turkey club with some really great sweet potato fries and a Yazoo Hop Project that he describes as, “good” a little less descriptive as last time but still positive!

And completely unnecessarily, we ordered peach cobbler…. well I added peach cobbler- I love dessert. It was so worth all the complaining I did the rest of the evening!! It was topped with pecan ice cream and had a perfectly crispy crust.

We ended the evening at Layla’s listening to a Jerry Lee Lewis style cover band and dancing by a hotel window that a wedding was going on in to “September” since we were too scared to dance at Layla’s! And here’s us… fat and happy after lots and lots of food…I didn’t get a picture of the ridiculous dancing…

We didn't get a picture of dancing... so this will have to do!



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  1. I think the sweet potato fries look the best!!YUM! You guys look like your having so much fun!

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