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Knoxville, TN

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I don’t know if we stepped into the Twilight Zone, or if they pumped the air with laughing gas, or if we were delirious from the copious amounts of sweat streaming from our pours, but Knoxville was hilarious to us. Example: Hippies dancing with guitars instead of playing them and a family who brought their little orange cat to lunch. This cat excursion led to the little boy crying and holding his eye and the boy sitting between us and the cat family exclaiming, “And that’s why you don’t take a cat to lunch!” Perfect. Absolutely Purrfect.

We swung through Knoxville on a whim to stretch our legs and happened to find their Saturday Market which was really awesome! We also had a great lunch at the Downtown Grill and Brewery on Gay Street. We got an assortment of food: guacamole:

a Greek salad which they made at the table…I’m not sure why, they didn’t do this for any of the others, but it was good!

And a chicken philly cheese steak full of Tex-Mex style veggies. Michael had their Woodruff IPA and said that it was, “pleasantly hopped with a mouthy malt finish.” (He’s so professional!)


We laughed our way through lunch people watching and keeping an eye on the crazy cat two tables down. We had seen nutella popsicles advertised on our way in and went back to hunt for them… they were sold out so we got some GREAT blackberry ice cream from Cruze Farm Milk Bar which had a food truck out at the market… it was SO good! We ended with an arnie palmer and headed on to Nashville- more to come!

O yeah… and I picked up some really great earrings made by ForYouByQ!


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