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12 Bones- Asheville, NC

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Day two of travels! We’ve been to 12 Bones before and I’m so excited to share it!! It is SOOO incredible. It is in the middle of the River Arts District and the line is always out the door, thankfully they have misters and water out to help keep you cool while you wait…

The menu is simple and looks like a normal BBQ menu, ribs, pulled pork, etc… but it is extra delicious every time! They have a chipolte  blueberry rub for their ribs that we didn’t try but I’m sure it’s tasty…

They also have Cheerwine and RC Cola in their soda fountain!!!

Our meals:

Brown sugar rubbed ribs, baked beans, mac-n-cheese, and cornbread. The ribs were crispy and the beans were molassesy- perfect.

Beef brisket, smoked potato salad, and sweet vinegar coleslaw. The brisket was perfectly tender and the coleslaw wasn’t that sweet and had a great flavor!

Pulled chicken, smoked potato salad, green beans. The pulled chicken was really tasty, I really like white meat though and it was mixed, which was ok and would be even more ok if I wasn’t so picky… The beans were garlicky which was nice and the smoked potato salad was very smokey- delicious! The cornbread was only slightly sweet and really good! (Not something I normally say for any sort of sweet cornbread!!)

The grand finale… Fried green tomato BLT with sugar bacon and pesto mayo. I heard it was great but my mom wouldn’t let anyone near it… A great sign that it was good!

Mmmmm and the sauces, starting from the left- tomato BBQ, mustard, jalepeno, and spicy vinegar- mustard and jalepeno were my favorites!

This place was SO delicious we give it a…




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