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5 Days of Fresh


Wow. I have been slacking on the blog and on cooking really consciously… I’m sorry. Today starts 5 days of fresh- eating mostly from what I got from the market today (San Pablo & Beach Blvd- they are really awesome!) as well as organic meat. My goal is NO preservatives whatsoever in my recipes! So things like olive oil-vinegar- spices I’ll use but not fake stuff! I currently have some homemade bread going in the bread machine… except I can’t remember if I put 2 cups of flour in or 3… I’ll find out pretty soon! Whoops! There’s also some interesting meat and sweet potato mixture going on in the oven right now- all fresh!

I’ll be posting soon! Happy fall! I think next will be 5 days of pumpkin! If you have any ideas or 5 days of ____ suggestions let me know, I need some inspiration!




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