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Almond Flour & a Clean Meal

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Goodness. This almond flour was a nightmare. I’ve been really loving a blog called elana’s pantry where she uses all blanched almond flour. So I looked up how to blanch almonds- easy! Pour boiling water over them let them sit a minute, rinse twice with cold water then slide the skins right off. That is a dirty lie. Or there was some extreme operator error.  It didn’t help that I bought a 3lb bag of almonds from Costco and thought it would be a great idea to do them all at once- what was I thinking?!?! I had to scrape those skins of those almonds, ended up re-soaking them, which you’re not supposed to do, then still scraping them one by one. After 2 straight hours of this I quit. With only about 1/4 of the almonds done. Ugh. Then I put the almonds away and didn’t look at them for about 3 days until I was ready to grind them up and wouldn’t go crazy if it didn’t work perfect after all of that work.

Yesterday I decided to try. I watched a video on how to make almond flour which you can watch here, trying to find this video again I just watched another great video where the lady uses a vitamix (something I don’t have but would love!) and sifts the flour after- really really good idea, why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, I ground the almonds in small batches in the food processor then transferred them to the blender (only enough to cover the blades) and ground them again. The results looked like this:

Not bad for a first try! This also saved a lot of money. At Publix a 1lb bag of almond flour is $11, this was about 1lb of flour and the 3lb bag of almonds was $9. I made some cookies with this flour and it was a little grainy- I will definitely sift the flour next time. I also saw plenty of people not blanch the almonds- so guess what I will NEVER do again in my life?! Blanch almonds!!!

Changing subjects, here to is an easy clean meal we made:

Grilled chicken in whatever tasty spices you like, collard greens cooked in homemade chicken broth by Meredith Stafford and black eyed peas.

I will admit we’re not falling the clean very closely at all but we’re still cooking it for many meals. We’re making very strong efforts to eat a lot healthier which has had some really cool results in just 2 weeks. Some I’m sure not everyone wants to hear, you’re probably not all interested in my digestion, but if you are, just email me and I’ll fill you in on positive results, in me and Michael.We’ve introduced dairy back in but I’m still cutting out wheat. I recently found out that mom has a slight wheat allergy and I’ve seen some positive changes with eating very little wheat in the past few weeks. So- I’m going to continue to post some clean meals and of course keep recycling recipes to make them healthier! Happy eating!


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