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Clean- Day 1 & 2

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Well… Michael and I have decided to do the clean program, you can find out more about it by clicking the link. It involves cutting out a lot of foods that cause allergies or disrupt our digestion- lots of things Michael and I love dearly- bread and sugar. It is a detox/cleanse that is really supposed to restore our bodies ability to naturally defend itself and reboost our immune system. Today is day two and it has been ok, I’ve cheated 3 times, once accidental, twice not. I ate raw fish yesterday which I thought was fine, turns out its not. And had some green tea w/ honey- honey is not allowed, and some rice chips with corn flour in them, corn is also not allowed but I just bought a giant bag of those rice chips and we’re eating them!

This program does call for some drastic healthy recipes which is exciting! Our friends Joe and Michelle did this cleanse a couple of months ago so they are full of good info and great recipes (Michelle that is!). Right now we have 2 meals a day and a shake for breakfast. Next week start 2 shakes a day and one solid meal at lunch. We’re allowed to snack (minimally) so I think we can make it. We have thought about not going to the 2 shakes a day but we’ll see how we feel this coming Sunday.

For this meal I cooked my first whole chicken! It was a little scary but very satisfying! I used Michelle’s recipe- fill it with lemon, garlic, and onion and rub it generously with coriander, nature’s seasoning, salt & pepper and onion powder. We cooked it at 350 for 1hr. and 45min. and it was delicious! It could have cooked for maybe 10 less minutes. We had lemon-basil quinoa (thanks Meredith!) and roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil and nature’s seasoning- perfect! We had some brown rice bread as well with a little olive oil on it (thanks Katie for that idea!) which was a great substitute for real- wheaty- bread.

Cooking has been so much fun, especially with all the awesome people around me who love to cook too- family and friends. All of these recipes are inspired by them and their delicious meals they’ve shared with me so thank you to everyone of them!!


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