learning to cook healthier & without a recipe!



Mmmmm these were tasty! There werea combination of other people’s good ideas that I used for this recipe. My friend Julie swears by slow cooking chicken in salsa verde for delicious taco meat or mexican chicken soup. I decided that sounded great for enchilada meat too. I also found a really great homemade enchilada sauce recipe on a blog called Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures which is a really fun site, see the recipe here.

For these enchiladas I slow cooked the chicken for 5 hours on high with half a bottle of Pace All Natural Salsa Verde. After cooking I shredded the chicken and put in a skillet with a 4oz can of diced jalapenos, about a cup of frozen corn and some of the homemade enchilada sauce. I decided to use whole wheat rye tortillas that I found at Publix, they were delicious! I microwaved 6 of the tortillas for 30 seconds, filled with the shredded chicken mixture and some monterey jack cheese, rolled them up, put a little water on the seam and settled them all in a 9×13 pan next to each other. I covered them all in the enchilada sauce and baked at 350 for 15 minutes, put the rest of the cheese on top and cooked for 5 more minutes.

These were really tasty and pretty healthy!! Michael gave them a 9 out of 10 (my first 9!!!!) and said queso would make it a 10… I have to agree with him!


2 thoughts on “Enchiladas!

  1. Those look awesome! How do you know how long to slow cook the meat for. I have a crock-pot, but have never really used it before!

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