learning to cook healthier & without a recipe!

Whole Wheat Hawaiian Pizza

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I’m pretty excited about this one, didn’t modify the recipes really but it was a lot of firsts- first time cutting into a whole pineapple- first time making homemade pizza dough- first time making a successful pizza sauce! The recipe for the whole wheat crust came from a really awesome website- – (thanks Meredith!) I’ll let you go there to get it, it has lots of  great recipes! The sauce came from, (I obviously just figured out how to insert links too- another first!) I took a commenters advice and heated all the ingredients in a sauce pan and added in a little flour. I’m 86% sure I can make pizza sauce without a recipe next time which is pretty exciting. 

For toppings I used Sargento whole milk mozzarella and Boar’s Head Black Tavern Ham… mmmm! 

Michael’s suggestions: take out the rosemary in the sauce and cook the pizza for like 2 less minutes- besides that- delightful!


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